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Evikey brings together health and EBP professionals in a network to improve the quality and efficiency of health care.

It also facilitates cooperation between specialist EBP centres.

The Network's objectives

  • Improve the quality and efficiency of health care
  • Make reliable, verified and up-to-date evidence available to health practitioners
  • Promote EBP practice and culture in Belgium

Understanding the life cycle



The prioritisation unit is coordinated by the KCE (Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre). Its role is to ensure the organisation and monitoring of the procedure for the selection of priority subjects for developing or implementing clinical practice guidelines. Subject prioritisation is done jointly in cooperation with the Federal Steering Board, the Advisory Board and Core Partners.


The development unit, coordinated by WOREL (Working Group Development of Primary Care Guidelines) in collaboration with the magazine Minerva, oversees a growth in the quality and quantity of the information made available to practitioners.


The validation unit, coordinated by Cebam (Belgian Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine), assesses the scientific and methodological validity of  guidelines and other EBP information, as well as the methodological process followed by their authors. It can reject them, ask for them to be adapted, or approve them. Approval is a guarantee of their quality, rigour and validity. Validation by Cebam is a necessary step for EBP information to be disseminated by ebpracticenet.


The dissemination unit, coordinated by ebpracticenet in collaboration with Minerva and the CDLH (Cebam Digital Library for Health), ensures the dissemination of guidelines and other EBP information. Each key partner has a particular focus: ebpracticenet, point-of-care information, the CDLH, the digital library and Minerva – an analysis of recent scientific literature.


The implementation unit, coordinated by ebpracticenet, promotes the application of guidelines to help practitioners adopt the EBP approach in their daily practice, the aim being to increase the use of EBP information and other products through targeted incentives.


The evaluation unit, coordinated by Cebam, evaluates the impact of EBP guidelines and information produced by the network, i.e. their recurrent use by health care providers, patients and their relatives, as well as their effects on health and the quality of care.

History of the Evikey Network


launch of a comprehensive EBP plan to coordinate, centralise and harmonise the many organisations and initiatives contributing to the EBP approach.


the KCE – Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre – drafts a report entitled ‘Towards an integrated EBP framework in Belgium: governance plan’.


a broad consultation of stakeholders in the field leads to the creation of the EBP network now called Evikey. A charter of good governance describing the functioning of the network is drawn up. It steps up coordination and decision-making bodies.


the EBP network becomes operational.


a multiannual strategic action plan defining operational objectives is adopted.


the EBP network becomes Evikey – Building Foundations for Healthcare.

Network and Partners News

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