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Implementation of the Belgian recommendations for the management of chronic pain

The aim of this project, which involves the implementation of several recommendations, is to provide frontline practitioners with tools to improve the quality of care offered in Belgium in the management of chronic pain.

Chronic pain is a common problem, with a major negative impact on quality of life. Many patients suffer from it and seem dissatisfied with their treatment. Some health care providers have not received the basic training to treat it. There is therefore a real need for improvement.

This project seeks to change patients’ prejudices about pain and teach them about neurobiology and neurophysiology using the management of chronic pain in primary care guidelines (only in French and Dutch) and information from Pain Neurology Education (PNE).

By learning that pain is linked to structural and functional changes in the brain, patients themselves develop an ability to adapt to pain.

Currently, the project consists of multidisciplinary training for primary and secondary health care providers and information for the patients of practitioners participating in the training. This is tailored to help them convey key messages and share consistent information with people suffering from chronic pain.

Project coordinator:

Pain in Motion (integrated into the VUB)

Project leader:

Wouter Munneke (VUB)

Project Managers:

Jo Nijs (Vrije Universiteit Brussel et Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel), Margot De Kooning (Université libre de Bruxelles et Hôpital universitaire de Bruxelles), Christophe Demoulin (Université de Liège), Carine Morin (SSMG), Emy Kool (Domus Medica)