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Evikey operates in a collaborative manner: decisions are made by consensus after discussions among members.

This participatory way of working revolves around three entities, each with its own roles and responsibilities: a Federal Steering Board, an Advisory Board and a meeting of Core Partners.

The coordination team of the network ensures good quality collaboration between all these partners and monitors the performance of activities, including the quality and efficiency of the scientific process in the EBP life cycle. Together they form a Network Administrative Organisation (NAO).
  • Core Partners
  • Federal Steering Board
  • Advisory Board
  • Network coordination team

The network’s scientific body

Each unit of the EBP life cycle is coordinated by a key partner – which may or may not partner with others to share expertise and knowledge.

Core Partners ensure optimal interactions between the EBP life cycle units and the rest of the network.

Funding member

The Federal Steering Board validates the directions taken by the key partners and the Advisory Board.

It is made up of representatives of INAMI/RIZIV (Belgian National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance), the Public Health FPS (Federal Public Service) and the Minister of Health, as well as the KCE (Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre) and the FAMHP (Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products) – the latter 2 in an advisory capacity.

Its mandate is to coordinate and organise the EBP sector at the federal level.

Representation of practitioners, patients, “mutuelles” and EBP stakeholders

The Advisory Board brings together users (health care providers and patients) and EBP stakeholders.

With its knowledge of the field, it is well placed to fulfil a monitoring and advisory role for the network.

Central point of contact and guarantor of the proper functioning of the network

The coordination team liaises between the 3 entities and chairs them.

It also deals with calls for projects and European initiatives.

It is bound to a position of neutrality.

Get to know our network actors


Network Coordination Team

The network’s coordination team has five members. Their role is to facilitate internal processes, mediate, and disseminate information, without interfering in the content of scientific processes.

Chantal Leirs


Adrien Castiglione

Communications Officer

Pieter Boeykens

Administrative Officer

Houda Mahla

Adjunct Coordinator

Liz Ponnet

Adjunct Coordinator